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Gareth Mason

Labour Relations

Gareth brings more than thirty years of high-level international experience to his role within Energies Group. Specialising in Industrial Relations, he developed his Human Resource Management capabilities by working on a diverse assortment of global projects representing a wide range of different industries.

His labour management and HR career, which includes assignments in the USA, UK, Europe, the Middle East and Africa, began with the Ford Motor Company. From there, Gareth lent his significant expertise to projects and positions within the mining, pharmaceutical, power and energy sectors.

Before joining the Energies Group team, Gareth held several senior positions with large global matrix companies. Through these roles, he was accountable for international human resource teams, company policy development, HR investigations, HR grievance management and negotiations with unions and other worker representative groups in a variety of different regions. He has also been responsible for multi-site recruitment, downsizing, and retrenchment programs, and has experience with lender finances projects, the end-to-end development and maintenance of Labour Relations management systems, auditing and the implementation of reporting programs.

Gareth has a BA in Industrial and Organisational Psychology and holds a post-graduate certificate In Comparative International Industrial Relations. He is also a qualified ISO 19011 Lead Auditor and IRMA-approved auditor.