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Bill Boulton

Capital Project Sustainability and ESG Management

Bill Boulton:

Capital Project Sustainability and ESG Management

With 20+ years of international sustainability leadership, Bill brings a wealth of expertise to his role. He develops and implements effective sustainability and ESG programs with a focus on international development and has noted experience integrating sustainability goals and international lender policies into numerous large-scale investments.

Bill held several sustainability leadership roles for multi-billion-euro infrastructure investment projects. In these roles, which involved implementing livelihood and biodiversity management programs across diverse environments, Bill helped international teams successfully navigate a variety of complex regulatory frameworks while meeting challenging stakeholder expectations. As a consultant and asset development partner, he has collaborated on projects in the UK, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia. He has also served as a shareholder representative promoting ESG risk management at the board level.

Over the past two decades, Bill’s practical implementation experience and expertise have directly translated into successful corporate sustainability and ESG policies and management systems for organisations with various levels of sustainability and ESG maturity.

Bill has a BSc in Environmental Geoscience and an MSc in Marine Resource Protection and Development. He is an ISO 14001 advanced auditor, holds a Post Graduate Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety and a Sustainability and Climate Risk Certificate from the Global Association of Risk Professionals.