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Capital Project Sustainability and ESG Support

Ensure that your capital projects are feasible and compliant with ESG and Sustainability requirements.

To ensure that your capital projects are feasible and compliant, it’s important to recognise and assess sustainability and ESG issues as early as possible.

Including ESG from front-end project options study and selection stage through to asset operation increases the acceptability of projects, protects the project schedule, and enhances commercial performance.

By identifying ESG risks and opportunities early in the process, you gain a basis to support critical project decisions while also informing the planning, engineering, procurement, construction, operational, and asset management actions that must be taken to reach project-specific sustainability and ESG goals.

Procurement and supply chain management processes must meet environmental, social, and occupational health/safety performance standards, as well as human rights guidelines.

This requires evaluation and management frameworks that provide clear assurance, oversight, self-verification, and reporting guidelines.

Energies Group supports this. We also provide proactive, context-specific stakeholder engagement that strengthens relationships, improves stakeholder understanding, and reduces the potential of stakeholder-related disruption.

In addition, our reporting and disclosure assistance helps you meet regulatory and investor requirements and build stakeholder awareness and trust.

Capital Project Sustainability and ESG Support

Key Capabilities

Front-end concept study and selection support to integrate sustainability and ESG goals and policies into early decisions and planning

Clause preparation for Engineering, Procurement, and Construction contracts that integrate project ESG/Sustainability, occupational health and safety requirements

Supply chain ESG and occupational health and safety due diligence and assessments

ESIA scoping and execution planning, preparation, and review

Ecosystem Services Assessments

Social and biodiversity baseline survey planning and implementation support

Stakeholder engagement programme design and implementation

Grievance management system development, training, and quality assurance

Energy, GHG, inventory preparation, forecasting, and evidence-based target setting for carbon-neutral and net-zero programmes

Materials resource consumption and waste generation surveys and reduction programmes

Labour and industrial relations reviews, system audits and investigation/claim support

Occupational and workplace health and hygiene assessment

Hazardous substance exposure and control management systems

Organisational and budget planning to support implementation of capital value project sustainability/ESG compliance programmes.

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Our Solutions

It doesn’t matter whether you are trying to update previously established sustainability and ESG practices or are developing new management and performance reporting systems from scratch, our consultants can help you take the next steps forward. Our innovative services include:

Strategy Development

Sustainability and ESG
Management Systems

Get practical help to design, develop and implement sustainability and ESG strategy, due diligence and management systems.

Project Finance Support

ESG Due Diligence and Project
Finance Support

Access innovative, cost-effective sustainability and ESG support designed to meet your project finance needs.

Capital Project Support

Capital Project Sustainability
and ESG Support

Ensure that your capital projects are feasible and compliant with ESG and Sustainability requirements.