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Tim Turner

Environmental Program management

Tim Turner:

Environmental Program management

Highly knowledgeable in several relevant technical fields, Tim has worked in water and natural resource management and planning for 30+ years, spent 14 years in Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM), and has at least a decade of experience in wastewater treatment, biodiversity,  EIA and SIA assessments and Integrated Coastal Zone Management.

His career, which has taken him to dozens of countries in Africa, Central Asia, Europe, and the Americas, has focused primarily on water management, environmental regulations, biodiversity, institutional reform, policy development, sector-specific project development and international environmental agreements.

One of Tim’s more notable roles was his position as the coordinator for the Caspian Environment Program, where he successfully coordinated the World Bank GEF Fund with donors that included the World Bank, UNDP and UNEP. In the past, he’s also been responsible for managing a review of a leading international extract industry’s environmental and social management system to determine its efficiency, ease of use, coverage and auditability, and for undertaking EBRD and IFC due diligence on the project implementation of an international energy project. This included a review of the environmental impact assessment and resettlement plans.

Tim has a BSc in Zoology from King’s College at London University and a BEng in Civil and Structural Engineering from Sheffield University. He is a member of the UK Institute of Civil Engineers.